What to focus on this Winter.

Traditionally, Winter is a game of two halves in retail, with the Christmas season being all about indulgence, entertaining and premium, whilst in January and February, health and practicality become the focus as shoppers face the reality of their Christmas excess’s. However, because of Covid related Government restrictions, things are likely to be very different this year. As was the case for much of 2020, this is likely to still present strong opportunities for the convenience retailer who is uniquely placed at the heart of their community to capitalise on the shift to shopping local and bring much needed cheer to the more vulnerable members of their community.

New Year Habits

Health and wellness even more key this New Year

We know shoppers’ mindsets change rapidly after Christmas into a health and wellness focus and for a number of years we’ve seen increases in sales of green tea, fruit and herbal infusions as well as other healthier options such as vegetables and soups. In recent years, January has become synonymously known as “Veganuary”, with many people adopting a vegan diet at the start of the year. In fact in 2020, The Grocer reported 62% of adults in the UK had purchased plant based milk Source , so ensure you have product offerings for shoppers seeking vegan food or looking to scratch cook by keeping vegetable stocks in good supply and thinking about stocking non-dairy and meat-free alternatives too.

Home hygiene a priority

With the shift towards health and wellness, protecting our home hygiene has greatly risen in importance since the pandemic. Trying to protect ourselves and our families from the virus is a shopper priority with 72% of consumers cleaning more frequently. Focus on the recognisable brands as shoppers seek products they trust and merchandise by room for ease of shop; in 2020 branded Household Cleaning sales grew by 60%. Check out our home cleaning ranging and merchandising advice here. See Home Cleaning Advice

The importance of value

January has always been a time for budgeting and cutting back and with 1 in 4 people in the UK currently furloughed, this emphasis will be even more apparent in 2021. Additionally, people are saving and budgeting more in case of recession and job losses, so try to give your shoppers assurance that your store offers them great value through price mark packs on recognisable brands, smaller product sizes for reduced available spend and affordable meal fillers. Source  See our article on Delivering Value.

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