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Our range of key convenience categories

These are both unprecedented and challenging times for the convenience sector, with Government restrictions meaning more of the population are staying and working from home wherever possible, and many households have converted to shopping locally. Shoppers have reduced the number of stores they visit and increased their basket spend supporting local businesses and their communities; 1 in 3 shoppers have bought groceries more in a local store during lockdown. As a result, independent and symbol retailers have adapted to a 57% increase in sales to service this change in shopper behaviour.

Non-food categories


With 92% of shoppers buying into the laundry category, it is a crucial part of your customers’ everyday shop. With brands top of their list, and up to 29% of laundry products being unplanned, clearly signposting this key category for those spontaneous purchases will increase basket spend. 

Home Cleaning

With 72% of households increasing their frequency of cleaning in 2020 due to the pandemic, sales have increased a massive 60% year on year, and getting the ranging and merchandising of your Homecare category right is key in growing your business sales with your shoppers changing demand. 

Personal Care

Health and Beauty products have been growing exponentially over the last 10 years but have accelerated even more so during the pandemic. Consumers purchasing personal care products at their local convenience store grew by 42% during the pandemic.  

Refreshment & impulse snacking categories

Ice Cream

Get it right and the Ice Cream category can be an all-year-round treat for retailers. By combining the highly profitable Impulse Ice Cream opportunity over spring-summer – itself worth a giant £128M – with the Frozen Desserts category in autumn-winter that has seen 30% growth this year alone, and you have a commercially rewarding year round category.  


With ‘Occasions’ at a five-year high, it’s an exciting time for tea! More households have been consuming more tea at home, and more speciality teas have been consumed as part of the increasingly common daily ‘wellness’ ritual.  But striking the right balance between everyday tea and more specialist tea ranges is key.

Pot Snacks

Snacking presents a short and a long-term sales growth opportunity; more people are lunching at home due to the pandemic, and in 2021 more people will be returning back to office work and will be looking to save money on their lunches. This category is key for shoppers wanting quick, easy, and affordable lunches.

Refreshment & impulse snacking categories

Cooking Ingredients

‘Scratch cooking occasions’ has seen a growth of 40% driven by increased ‘in-home’ occasions. This change represents a saving of 13p, or 10% per serving, so as we enter recessionary times prompting customers with strong displays and pricing could help optimise your stores in-home cooking category sales.

Condiments & Sauces

Dressings grew by over 24% in the convenience channel in 2020 and with more people working from home, there are more meal occasions for this category. Follow this advice to optimise this growth opportunity.

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