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Advice on shopper must have items within Personal Care

Already showing strong growth pre-pandemic and now worth £277M to the convenience channel, reflecting a dramatic change in consumers' consideration of where and how often to buy personal care products. As we gradually exit lockdown and return to shopping little and often, convenience retailers will have to work hard to be relevant, distinct and memorable, which they can do by offering themed deals. Getting it right is a sure-fire way to keep customers coming to your store”.

Check your fixture against our recommended ranging and merchandising plans

Tailor your range to your store’s area

Quickly check the affluence of your customers to ensure you are meeting their needs and are stocking the right brands and SKU’s. Simply visit Street Check to double check your customers’ affluence and check your range.

Advice for Low Affluence Stores

  • In areas of low affluence, flex your range towards more affordable brands across the different segments
  • Key categories to focus on would be Shower/Bath and Deodorants.  Body Sprays are popular as they can double up as perfume

Advice for High Affluence Stores

  • Flex your range towards more premium brands across the different segments, particularly on Hair and Skincare
  • High affluence shoppers are more likely to buy more premium brands such as Tresemmé and Batiste

Afsana Bux

A Retailer’s View

I couldn’t recommend Partners for Growth highly enough! I used the advice across 3 categories within the store - Toiletries, Laundry and Household - focusing on best sellers and product layout and saw a sales increase of at least 20% across the board. I am really pleased with these results - my turnover improved and I’m keeping the fixtures re-laid as per their advice.

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