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Advice on the right products, size, and formats within Laundry

“Being an important routine purchase laundry is a valuable category for local retailers, but only if the right products are being displayed in the right way. Research shows that a massive 63% of shoppers have the potential to walk away without making a purchase in their local convenience environment. During the coronavirus pandemic, laundry has seen a huge increase of 42% in usage, and so now more than ever it is essential to make this range offering compelling to your shopper”.

Check your fixture against our recommended ranging and merchandising plans

Tailor your range to your store’s area

Quickly check the affluence of your customers to ensure you are meeting their needs and are stocking the right brands and SKU’s. Simply visit Street Check to double check your customers’ affluence and check your range.

Advice for Low Affluence Stores

  • Lower affluence shoppers prefer Powder formats and fragrance brands such as Surf or Bold
  • Flex range towards more affordable brands and increase Retailer Choice across all segments should space permit

Advice for High Affluence Stores

  • More affluent shoppers prefer more convenient formats – Liquids and Capsules
  • Include ‘kind to skin’ products and premium fabric conditioners

Paul and Gail Mather

A Retailer’s View

After reviewing the planogram and seeing which products should be removed, and which we needed to stock, we set about changing the fixture and waited for the results. When we checked our stats we were amazed to find that sales had increased by 42%. The time we spent has really paid off and we’ve now used the advice on the toiletries category, and are just about to use the ice cream advice.

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