Staff Appraisals

One of the keys to building a successful business is creating a good team, as staff that are informed, efficient and motivated are worth their weight in gold.

staff-appraisals-graphic.jpgWhen you’re a busy small operator with constant demands on your time, finding the opportunity to do regular staff appraisals can be easier said than done, but they are worth it to keep your staff updated, on side – and, just as importantly, keen to carry on working for you!

Appraisals need preparation though, so both you and your employee need to think in advance about what you want to say – and why. You also need to set time aside and to sit down, away from the shop floor.

If possible, begin with praise for some specific achievement and make sure you don’t deliver unexpected criticism. Remember, it’s about performance, not personality.

Make sure the employee gets a chance to fully express his or her views. Look at the job description and ask open-ended questions:

  • What activities are you most proud of?
  • What areas did you find most difficult and why?
  • What training or help do you think you need?

Agree a plan of action. Identify what training might be needed and when this will be done. You also need to decide how you will both assess whether the new goals have been achieved. This is relatively straightforward when it involves learning a new system, but less so when measuring customer service skills so might need some thought.

One thing you might like to consider is giving an individual staff member responsibility for a section of the shop and encouraging them to come up with new ideas to improve sales. Partners for Growth’s website has lots of advice on this – from listing the best sellers to how to organise the fixture and keep it clean and tidy.

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