Are you making the most of the Winter Ice-Cream opportunity?

Just because temperature’s have dropped,  it doesn’t mean that ice-cream sales are a thing of the past… seasonally speaking of course!

Over 30% of ice-cream sales happen in Winter months, and with 70% of these being impulse purchases, now is not the time to put the ice-cream cabinet away!  As nights draw in, demand for tub ice-creams and evening treats grows, so make sure your ice-cream cabinet is stocked right and includes both tubs and multi packs to ensure your customers’ needs are met.

Getting the range right is also key.  The Winter Ice-Cream category planograms and advice has just been updated using the latest data on the best-sellers across the category.  All the best-sellers and planogram are supported by robust, independent national sales data.

We recommend you organise your cabinet into key segments – Filled Cones, Choc Snacks, Adults Fresh, Children’s and Desserts (Family, Premium, Luxury and Standard).  Ice-Cream is a strongly branded category so ensure shoppers have the brands they want by stocking the best-selling lines.

One thing to note is that with ice-cream accounting for over 36% of ‘eat at home’ frozen sales in Convenience, this offers savvy retailers a chance to maximise sales in this category.  Sales of Luxury pints increase by 20% in Winter vs Summer.  For shoppers on a ‘Meal For Tonight‘ mission, take home ice-cream over index on this shopper mission, offering retailers the opportunity to cross sell with other products.  For example, meal deals including a quick easy recipe, or a pizza, wine and ice-cream combination encourage additional sales easily with this category.

Check out our full ice-cream ranging and merchandising advice here to make sure you are making the most of both the Impulse and Take Home category opportunities. For more information visit our Ice Cream category page here.

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