Kay Patel

Growing up, my family ran a small newsagents and convenience store, which is where I developed my passion for retailing. 

I joined the business as a stop gap after university, before I found myself a permanent career I asked my father why he had never applied for a license to sell alcohol.

He told me it was because it would mean more cash and carry for him to do, and if I wanted us to become licensed I would have to take on cash and carry duties myself.  Of course I agreed and my passion for retailing grew even stronger as we embarked on a slow but steady expansion plan, becoming delivered only symbol stores.

We’ve now grown the business to include 4 Best-One convenience stores, a café, and a traditional CTN in East London. The sizes range from a 350sqft CTN to a 2000sqft convenience store.

We are currently working through a huge refurbishment programme for all the stores and there is also another store in the pipeline which means there really is never a dull moment in my day!

In addition to serving on the Partners for Growth Retailer Advisory Panel, I also sit on a number of other industry panels and am also a Best-one ambassador, and provide insights and expertise to help other Best-one retailers improve their business.